November 14, 2007

Christian Volunteers in New Orleans Make Eyewitness News!!

On November 13, WWLTV Channel 4, New Orleans, broadcasted an eyewitness news feature on Katrina recovery volunteers with one thing in common: Faith. Two teams of "Quiet Heroes" were featured in this clip. One team was from Harvest Calvary Chapel in Riverside, California. One team was from Central College Presbyterian Church in Westerville, Ohio.

Jeff, Kris, Jenny, and Aaron were priveleged to come along side these teams. Forward Edge provided worship, transportation, tools, materials, and trash handling for these teams. The teams stayed in the New Genesis Bible Church. Pastor Charles Garrison of New Genesis has partnered with Forward Edge. The partnership allows Forward Edge teams to support the ministry happening in & around New Genesis.

The two teams featured here truly had the hearts of servants. Because of volunteers such as these, people are taking notice that the church is making a difference in Jesus name. Hallelu-JAH! Please send more volunteer teams to New Orleans to rebuild lives and homes. There is so much that still needs to be done!

Click link below to watch the video: (BTW: The cross outside the church glows at night)

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