October 16, 2007

From Lynne Botha

"We are blessed with two wonderful teams this week, one from Pennsylvania and one from Indiana. Lots of now familiar friends are working hard on the roof of an outreach daycare center in Moss Point, (the weather is down to 85 degrees in the daytime now, so roofing is easier now than it was a month ago,) and the house of L.W. and his common-law wife, Jean, in Pascagoula. This older couple is so in need of encouragement. L.W. has just lit up from within since Forward Edge showed up. The story of how we found them is a good one: David was following up on an old list of hurricane victims to see if they still needed help, and pulled into Robin Hood street looking for a specific home. When he walked up to the door he notice the yard was well-manicured, and things seemed to be well-kept. The homeowners were rather off-putting, and let him know that his "services would no longer be required." "Odd," thought David, "I really felt led to come down this street." As he got back into his van, he looked up and saw this weary looking man sitting in front of his trailer across the way. The Holy Spirit nudged him and approached the man (L.W.) and said "God sent me to help you." L.W. started to weep and let David know he had just lost all hope, and was crying out to God to help him fix his home for his lady, who had just come home from the hospital after ANOTHER scare over her heart. He is eager and willing to work, and even asks David to leave him tools and supplies when there are no teams so that he can help himself. "


Douglas said...

Wow a daycare center. That is amazing. It is also great to hear about David's obedience to God. Bless you both.

DJ Vincent Salem

Nathaniel said...

That is amazing about L.W., praise Christ! Wow way to be aligned with His will. Thanks for sharing, since that is exactly the kind of work that we at FEI want to be involved in!